Audio Production Services

Audio Production Services

Digital audio workstation on a desktop computer screen with keyboard in front.Have you recorded that podcast, but need extra pauses and vocal ticks removed? Want your latest episode trimmed from 73 minutes down to 55? Have an on-site interview with background noise and need to have it tweaked to sound just a little bit better? I’ve got you covered. I specialize in audio post-production and clean-up. From podcast episodes to commercials or interviews, you can expect an even sound profile and unwanted sounds to no longer be the focal point of your audio project. Want to know more? Contact me and see how I can help your project!


Podcast Recording*#

Podcast equipment set up on a table for 4 speakersHave an event coming up or need that one-time-only interview recorded? Schedule me to come and record it for you! I’ll provide microphones, headphones, digital recorder, any necessary audio equipment, and an unedited audio file delivered to you within 24-48 hours. Need it touched up and finalized with a professional sound, not to worry! Inquire about my remote recording & editing rates and I’ll have you affordably covered from start to end!

 *   Must inquire 1-2 weeks in advance (availability not guaranteed)
# Limited to Portland, OR metro area


Royalty-Free Music

Beatstars BannerHave a podcast or live stream, but don’t want to get dinged for copyright infringement? Have a video you’d like to post, but want to keep your monetization rights & avoid copyright strikes? I’ve got you covered! Royalty-free Licensing will allow you to choose from a variety of pre-recorded music beds to use for your personal projects. It’s free, use it forever! No accounting or additional royalties need to be calculated. You can choose to donate…or not. You’re all set! Visit to hear some of the available tracks and get your fully licensed audio today!