Beats by Pwn

Want music for your Twitch stream, but not the headache that comes with DMCA takedowns? 

Near the end of 2020, Twitch cracked down on users using copyrighted music in their streams, deleting thousands of videos in the process. This created an opportunity where I can provide a service to Twitch streamers by way of directly licensing music for use in their live streams. As a result, streamers can now browse, purchase, and fully license music tracks via the shop at

Individual tracks can be licensed for as low as $25, non-exclusively, per channel or brand. This allows for a single branded channel to secure the rights to not only broadcast their stream with the music included live, they can also subsequently upload their latest stream videos to other platforms (i.e., YouTube or IGTV). Other benefits include:

  • Options to purchase exclusive rights to tracks
  • Collections available to purchase multiple tracks at a discount
  • Monthly membership for downloads/licenses
  • A downloadable copy of the license for proof/verification

Broadcast with music worry-free via Beats by Pwn™. Visit the online beat shop for more info, follow on Twitter, or email: [email protected]