Way Back Machine: Unreleased Star Pilot’s Revenge Mix

Yo! I was digging through the archives and found a thing I completely forgot existed!  If you’re a fan of Star Pilot’s Revenge, you just might enjoy getting to hear an unreleased version of If You Wanna. I put this together during the final mixing sessions of the album and was really on the fence about which version to go with. I ended up choosing the version with drums because I felt it matched the energy better, even though I felt like the musicality I was going for was better showcased on this version.  Give it a listen and I...

  • December 30, 2020
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Butterman (feat Mr. Pancakes AKA Flap JACK) | Official Video

Funemployment Radio & Kielen King Music bring you the summer jam you’ve been waiting for… ~ Butterman (feat Mr. Pancakes AKA Flap JACK) ~ Butterman is back! The world renown 90’s R&B hitmaker returns with a summer jam for you and that special lady. Put on your freshest summer gear and shine up those rims while the smooth lyrics and irresistible moves of Butterman spread all over your boomin’ system!   “Butterman” feat Mr. Pancakes AKA Flap JACK Written by: K. King, G. Nibler, & T. Mayer Beat by: Webbsta Cinematography: D. Bozyk (, K. King Performers: Greg Nibler, Kielen...

  • October 28, 2020
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Shield of Light (Bandcamp Exclusive)

The latest addition to my catalog is just a bit of positivity and self determination to help you keep pushing. It’s a Bandcamp Exclusive, so you’ll only be able to hear it there…Don’s miss it!  

  • October 4, 2020
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