Human Beings (Seal Cover)

Human Beings — Seal (1998) I’m usually not known for doing cover songs, but I’m also not known for doing the same thing forever…haha! I’ve loved this song since its release, so I decided to give it a slightly different treatment. This cover is pretty much how I hear this song in my head. I hope you enjoy!  [su_youtube url=”” title=”Kielen King — Human Beings (Seal Cover)”]  Human Beings by Kielen King

  • September 24, 2020


I recently had the opportunity to connect with the homie, Slawth, to bring you this most important PSA. WEAR. A. F**KING. MASK. The current COVID-19 pandemic is difficult enough and we need everyone to get on board with trying to keep ALL of us safe. Don’t be selfish. Mask up (and look like a badass in the process) and help us save some lives.  You’re tired of being asked. We’re tired of asking. Wear a mask. …oh, and fuck your face.   F.Y.F. (EP) by Pwn Toney x Slawth

  • August 7, 2020

Way Back Machine: Azure Noir

Wanna hear the beginnings of the Star Pilot Music style? ….Check out the time I had a downtempo band, Azure Noir, while living in Las Vegas. (circa 2008)  Addicted to Blue by Azure Noir

  • June 28, 2020