Shield of Light (Bandcamp Exclusive)

The latest addition to my catalog is just a bit of positivity and self determination to help you keep pushing. It’s a Bandcamp Exclusive, so you’ll only be able to hear it there…Don’s miss it!  

  • October 4, 2020
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I recently had the opportunity to connect with the homie, Slawth, to bring you this most important PSA. WEAR. A. F**KING. MASK. The current COVID-19 pandemic is difficult enough and we need everyone to get on board with trying to keep ALL of us safe. Don’t be selfish. Mask up (and look like a badass in the process) and help us save some lives.  You’re tired of being asked. We’re tired of asking. Wear a mask. …oh, and fuck your face.   F.Y.F. (EP) by Pwn Toney x Slawth

  • August 7, 2020
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